One Gram Geru Mangalsutra

One Gram Geru Mangalsutra

The radiant geru mangalsutra is a creative and beautiful creation. Geru mangalsutra is very important for all ladies from after marriage. All ladies are wearing mangalsutra. geru mangalsutra in different varieties make beautiful and stylish, flaunts. Mangalsutra is compulsory in India after marriage all ladies are wearing mangalsutra. One Gram Geru Mangalsutra.

Copper & Alloy Based Material
Covered with Pure Gold

One Gram Geru Mangalsutra

This makes us a beautiful and very good Look stylish and flaunts your signature style by wearing this Women Geru Mangalsutra by Women Golds.

It will elevate your style quotient in no time. Made from copper, it is also rust and corrosion-resistant.

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